Representative Cases

Motorcyclist Killed

A motorcyclist was killed when a truck made a left turn into his path. He was survived by his parents, his wife, and a young child. The claim was made against the other driver and the motorcyclist’s underinsured motorist carrier. The claim was settled. Read More

Physician Negligence

A wrongful death claim involving the negligence of a physician in administrating medication to a patient rehabilitating from a fall while at a nursing home. The victim was survived by a sibling and a parent. The physician denied fault. The case settled prior to trial. Read More

Killed by Driver of Pickup

A young man was killed by the driver of a pickup truck that went left of center and struck the motorcyclist head on. He was survived by his parents and his sibling. The driver of the pickup truck was found guilty of aggravated vehicular assault and was sent to prison. The insurance companies involved in the case denied coverage, but ultimately paid the policy limits after suit was filed against them. Judgment was entered in favor of the young man’s estate. Read More

Multiple Fractures

A client sustained multiple fractures as a result of a motor vehicle accident in which the client was a passenger. The motor vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer that ran a red light. The client required surgery and a lengthy hospitalization. The case was settled through mediation before a lawsuit was filed. Read More

Young Driver

A young driver was injured in an intersection collision. Both drivers claimed to have the green light. The matter was tried to a jury and resulted in a jury verdict in favor of my client, including a verdict for her injuries and damages. Read More

Motorcyclist seriously injured

A motorcyclist was seriously injured at an intersection by a driver that rolled through a stop sign. The insurance company claimed the motorcyclist was speeding and was difficult for the driver to see. The motorcyclist sustained head trauma and required hospitalization. The case settled for the policy limits of the driver after investigation and negotiation. Read More

Injured Passenger

A client was injured as a passenger in a one-car accident, and filed a an underinsured motorist claim with his own insurance company. The insurance company denied the claim based upon the fact that the driver of the vehicle had been drinking. At trial, the jury awarded substantially more than the policy limit, and the insurance company paid the claim. Read More

40 Year Old Man

A forty-year-old man was injured when he fell on an oily substance on the floor at a large chain store. He suffered a herniated disc in his neck, which required surgery and a long rehabilitation. The store denied it was at fault, and a lawsuit was filed. After depositions were taken, the case was settled. Read More

Delivery Person

A delivery person tripped and fell at a local supermarket, resulting in a serious knee injury that required surgery. The supermarket did not keep its warehouse space clear, but denied it was at fault. A lawsuit was filed. The case settled shortly before trial. Read More

Employee Injured

A client sustained a serious hand and shoulder injury requiring surgery, after the employer removed a guard from a piece of machinery that the client was required to clean as part of the job. The employer denied it had done anything wrong. A lawsuit was filed, and the employer moved for summary judgment, which was defeated. The lawsuit was then settled in favor of the client at mediation Read More

Client Workplace Injury

A client’s workplace injury required regular medical care and resulted in an inability to work again. The Workers’ Compensation claim of the client was settled after the filing of an appeal to the trial court of the denial of an additional allowance at the administrative level. The settlement of the client’s Workers’ Compensation claim included payment of future medical bills and permanent total disability. Read More

Client Injured Back

A client claimed to have injured her back working as a home health aide while helping her patient. The employer fought the claim and an appeal was taken to the court of common pleas. A trial was held to determine whether the client sustained an injury in the course of her employment. The jury found in favor for the client and she was awarded benefits. Read More

International Supplier

A large international supplier of machine tools sold machines to a manufacturer which then refused to complete payment or return the machines. A lawsuit was filed in Federal Court along with a concurrent action in State court to reclaim the machines and recover damages. The case was successfully concluded with the recovery of the machines and an award of damages. Mark E. Barbour acted as Cleveland co-counsel with a very large Chicago law firm. Read More

Local Manufacturer

A local manufacturer of pump equipment received defective component parts from an out of state supplier. A lawsuit was filed to recover damages. The case was settled at mediation after discovery. Read More