Head & Brain Injuries

Head & Brain Injuries

Head injuries can vary significantly, from a mild concussion or “closed head injury” to a traumatic brain injury. Often times the victims of head injuries will experience memory loss, appetite loss and regular insomnia. Other head and brain injury victims may also suffer from loss of motor skills, speech impediments and other life changing physical impairments. To protect yourself following a head or brain injury accident, it is essential to seek proper medical attention, even when the symptoms do not seem considerable.

When an individual suffers a head or brain injury, they will most likely need immediate medical treatment and some form of rehabilitative therapy (physical, occupational, speech therapy, ongoing assistance care). With a head or brain injury, the lives of the injured persons as well as the victim’s family are impacted significantly.

Our experienced attorneys recognize that a head or brain injury can create physical, emotional as well as financial challenges for everyone involved. Mark E. Barbour, Attorney at Law, advocates for injured clients, pursuing full compensation to help alleviate the significant financial burdens associated with the head or brain injury.

To fight for your rights we thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident to determine who is liable for damages. Our law firm evaluates all means of liability in order to fully maximize the recovery our clients receive. We work directly with medical professionals as well as life care planning specialists and other experts to document the extent of the head or brain injury to determine the short-term and long-term needs of the individual. We also utilize financial experts to convey the real economic value of a case based on all of the information gathered.

Mark E. Barbour, Attorney at Law, takes pride in fighting for his clients to get the compensation they deserve when dealing with head and brain injuries. Contact us today at (216) 771-8188 and speak to Mark Barbour about your case.