Massive Injuries & Amputations

Massive Injuries & Amputa…

If you have suffered a body or limb injury, there is a good chance that you may be entitled to compensation. Because body and limb injuries can often impair the victims’ ability to work and even take care of themselves, these injuries can receive significant financial sums as compensation.

Massive injuries can occur in a number of ways, from vehicle accidents to sports accidents to job site accidents. These severe injuries can occur in any situation in which the human body or limbs is being struck, twisted, crushed, or wrenched. The symptoms of these types of massive injuries can be easy or very difficult to spot:

  • Compound fractures or dislocations
  • Severed limbs or body parts
  • Cracked bones
  • Sprains, severe strains, or torn muscles
  • Internal muscle or organ damage

In the majority of cases, body and limb injuries mean the victim loses some use of their body or limbs, either temporarily or permanently. A broken bone can often equal time lost from work and if the injury is severe enough, an extended stay in the hospital and a long-term rehabilitation. A severed limb can cause mental and emotional trauma that may need to be treated by a Psychiatrist. In addition to the mental impact, victims may require physical therapy, which means significant medical bills.

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