Workplace Injury

Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries are often complex cases, and they require a tailored approach to ensure your rights are upheld and your interests protected. With over twenty-five years of experience handling complicated injury cases, I have a long-standing reputation as an expert advocate for clients with workplace claims involving:

  • Employment Intentional Tort;
  • Maritime Law; and
  • Worker's Compensation Litigation;

Employment Intentional Tort

An Employment Intentional Tort is a civil claim filed by an injured employee against an employer for damages. This is a unique area of law specific to Ohio, and the claim is in addition to Worker's Compensation. There is a high level of proof associated with an Employment Intentional Tort. At our initial meeting, I will review the individual facts related to your case, and assist you in determining whether you have an intentional tort claim.

Maritime Law

Maritime law is a complicated, highly specialized area of law involving workplace injuries occurring on "navigable" waterways, including rivers, seas, and the Great Lakes. Due to the nature of maritime law cases, they are frequently held in federal court. I have experience handling maritime cases in federal and state courts, and will vigorously defend your rights to ensure you receive just compensation for your injuries.

Worker's Compensation Litigation

Employees and employers often have the right to appeal decisions concerning injuries to the court of common pleas in Ohio. These types of appeals are used to determine whether a worker may participate in the compensation fund for particular injuries or conditions. These types of cases have extremely short time limits under which an appeal can be filed and are very specialized. I usually handle these types of cases as a co-counsel with the attorney handling the administrative aspects of the claim to make sure your rights and benefits are protected.

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