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Killed by Driver of Pickup

A young man was killed by the driver of a pickup truck that went left of center and struck the motorcyclist head on. He was survived by his parents and his sibling. The driver of the pickup truck was found guilty of aggravated vehicular assault and was sent to prison. The insurance companies involved in the case denied coverage, but ultimately paid the policy limits after suit was filed against them. Judgment was entered in favor of the young man’s estate. Read More

Physician Negligence

A wrongful death claim involving the negligence of a physician in administrating medication to a patient rehabilitating from a fall while at a nursing home. The victim was survived by a sibling and a parent. The physician denied fault. The case settled prior to trial. Read More

Motorcyclist Killed

A motorcyclist was killed when a truck made a left turn into his path. He was survived by his parents, his wife, and a young child. The claim was made against the other driver and the motorcyclist’s underinsured motorist carrier. The claim was settled. Read More