Concussion symptoms are serious

Traumatic Brain Injury Effects Can Be Long-Lasting

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the head experiences a blow, jolt, or penetrating injury that disturbs and alters normal brain function. Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) may sometimes be referred to as a concussion, though by definition, mTBI’s effects can last for months while a concussion is usually resolved within a few weeks. The Centers for Disease Control reports that millions of American experience TBI each year, with approximately 15 percent caused by car accidents and 40 percent caused by falls. If you have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury following a car accident or slip and fall due to someone else’s negligence, contact a personal injury attorney right away.

Signs of traumatic brain injury include:

· Fuzzy or muddled thinking, confusion, and the inability to concentrate or focus

· Difficulty remembering new information, and slower processing time when recalling events

· Headaches, sometimes severe

· Blurry vision, dizziness, a distortion of perception, sensitivity to light and movement

· Fatigue, lack of energy

· Mood swings, depression, emotional sensitivity, anxiety

· Sleeping difficulties, either sleeping too much or insomnia

Traumatic brain injury does not simply heal over a period of a few weeks like a cut or a broken bone. Rather, it can take months or even years to resolve. And, for individuals with severe traumatic brain injury, a full recovery may never be achieved. Severe TBI may result in a coma or a loss of consciousness for a period of time. Recovery after severe TBI is generally limited, and the individual may not be able to return to work or school in their previous capacity. Relationships can be affected, as the individual struggles with emotional fragility. Some individuals may need help with basic activities of daily living, or may struggle with remembering basic tasks. An Ohio personal injury attorney can pursue compensation so that you can focus on your recovery without worrying about bills or household expenses.

Often the best way to recuperate from a traumatic brain injury is to rest as much as possible. Do not try to attempt to rush back to work. In fact, most physicians warn against returning to your normal daily activities until your symptoms have resolved, and then suggest you proceed to gradually return to your normal tasks. This may mean an extensive time away from work and the accumulation of significant lost pay in addition to medical bills. In many cases, we can help you recover lost pay and pain and suffering compensation in addition to compensation for your medical bills.

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