Facebook Posts Can Hurt Personal Injury Claims

Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Twitter posts, etc., can do harm to you if you are involved with a personal injury case. Why? Whatever you say or show about your injury and it affects can, and will, be used against you.

The insurance company will look for you online. Insurance lawyers will see what you have posted. Requests for the photos and information are now part of a standard part of discovery. The insurance lawyer will ask you at your deposition or in paper discovery about your social media web pages, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

After all, part of your claim is that you could not perform your normal activities, and that you were in pain, and perhaps could not go to work at least some of the time. The insurance company may be entitled to evidence from you that show this to be untrue or in doubt, or they can simply find it online.

These entries can be misleading and create the wrong impression. Photos of you on a Caribbean cruise, remodeling your kitchen, or playing golf when you are supposed to have been laid up from the accident or unable to work can really hurt your case. They will be taken out of context, and you will have to explain why you were horseback riding or running a 5k when you claim to have been injured. It won’t look good, no matter the explanation. Don't make their jobs easier for them!

If you have a case, do not create Facebook posts or social media posts about your injury, your case, or your activities. Wait until your case is over.

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